Bust a Move for Breast Health

Bust a Move announces its fifth and final year with Breast Health Centre completion in sight!


Patsy MacDonald knows firsthand the positive impact the Breast Health Centre will have on Nova Scotians. Diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2011, followed by several months of treatments, including a double mastectomy, she was deemed cancer-free in December 2011.

“I have become friends with some very brave women who I wouldn’t have met if not for the common bond we all share – breast cancer.” said Patsy. “I think that’s what Bust a Move is all about: surrounding yourself with a positive community of people who are focused on a common goal – better breast health in Nova Scotia. This is a goal we are so close to reaching with the new Breast Health Centre.”

Located at the IWK Health Centre, the new Breast Health Centre offers a holistic approach to breast health. Patients will benefit from a collaborative environment as physicians, nurses, specialists, technologists and oncologists come together to offer the best patient-focused care possible.

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You never know what you’ll come across

So today I was at work, radio on, and a song came on  that I instantly fell in love with. I loved it so much, in fact, that right after it finished on the radio I just “had” to bring it up on YouTube and listen to it again. The link is below:

The end of this video showed a clip of someone named Tyler Robinson and a link to donate to his foundation. Curious, I jumped on Google and searched out who he was. I came across the following:

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Guestblog: Resources for Mesothelioma Cancer Survivors

If mesothelioma patients take one message away from our posts, it’s a simple one: You’re not alone.


You may be dealing with a disease you’ve never heard of before. You may be hearing a number of terms you don’t understand, or experiencing a number of side effects you’re not quite sure how to deal with. You may even be facing emotional and financial challenges that you weren’t prepared for. But despite the fear you’re feeling about your situation, you’re not alone.  Others have been there before, and can offer you resources to make your fight just a little bit easier.

Educational Resources

Educational resources can help you orient yourself with your new condition. If you’re struggling to comprehend some of the technical medical terms – or find yourself asking your doctor for more clarification than they can provide — these materials let you wrap your mind around the facts on your own time.

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Assess your Living

Yesterday at work we had a speaker come in to talk about Healthy Living and Wellness. One of the things he talked about, that really stuck with me, was assessing your life, and how what you choose to focus on says about what your priorities are.

Most of us with families, if asked, would say “My family is my priority”. Can we all honestly say that our actions support what we’re saying? I am a firm believer in “actions speak louder than words” and I also am the first to admit that although, in my heart, my husband and children are my priority, there are times that my actions do not support this.

Too often, we don’t really live our priorities until someone we love, or we ourselves, become sick or diagnosed with something potentially terminal. This can be a harsh wake-up call for many. Suddenly the priorities in our life, the friends and family, completely take the lead and because we fear we may lose them, we prioritize our time to be with them. Wouldn’t it be great if it didn’t take some potentially tragic event to make this happen?

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Guestblog: Living With Cancer – Keeping Hope Alive


Living with Cancer: Keeping Hope Alive

When fighting cancer, hope is one of the greatest weapons a patient has. At the same time, keeping hope alive can be one of the greatest challenges they face.

When doctors tell you that treatment isn’t working, and family members are urging you to consider end-of-life decisions, it can be tough to imagine a cancer-free future. Yet many survivors have been in this exact situation, and – for reasons that science can’t always explain – have gone on to enjoy several more fulfilling years of life.

So how can you keep hope alive when it feels like it’s on life support?

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The Power of Positive Thought

Shared from Belmont Health & Wealth:


Positive thinking – we hear it all the time, and most of us try to walk the walk. Let’s be honest though… some days are WAY easier than others! It’s easy to maintain positive thoughts when you’re consciously thinking about it, but the real trick to unlocking the power of positive thought is to do it so much that it becomes second nature.

Set the scene: you’re at work, listening to the radio and they announce that John Doe from Somewhere, Canada had the winning lottery numbers. You’ve already thrown your ticket away because you knew it wasn’t a winner. What’s your first thought? “That should have been me” or “Congratulations to him.”?

Training your brain to be a positive powerhouse is no different than any other training. It takes practice practice practice. If you’re successful, however, there are some real benefits you can reap because of it.

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Open up and Say Aaaaaaaaaaaagua

Shared from Belmont Health & Wealth:


Few can deny the importance of water any time of the year, but most especially in the summer, when the temperatures rise and the humidity is kicking us all in the you know what, water becomes even more important in helping us stay hydrated. Water also helps maintain our natural body fluids, which is no small task. We are made up of 60% water! This isn’t where the health benefits of Agua end, however.

Water can help control calories. While it isn’t the magic bullet of weight loss, choosing water over a high caloric drink alone helps to reduce your calorie intake for the day. Additionally, choosing foods with a higher water content can help give you a fuller, more satisfied feeling and assist you in reaching your personal goals.

Water can also help to energize your muscles. Cells with an unhealthy fluid balance can shrivel and cause muscle fatigue. This will affect your performance. It’s important to stay well hydrated no matter what form of exercise you are taking part in!

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